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Baked is an independent creative agency that prides itself on being the perfect partner as both a creative agency of record and a flexible creative resource for individual projects. It works with brands to bring their projects to life through its unique brand of creativity.

What is your Secret Sauce?

First, brands stood out for their creativity. Then, digital revolutionized marketing, and performance optimization was crucial. Now, brands need creativity in order to stand out again. And that's where Baked comes in. Baked loves close, long-term collaborations with brands. As a creative agency of record, it can drive creative end-to-end from strategy to execution. For individual projects, brands can choose one of the agency’s creative services, or pick 'n' mix to suit their needs.

What are you awesome at?

Baked’s sweet spot is everything from creative strategy, advertising and design to brand development and content creation.

What's a recent success story?

Keeping it simple, losing the fluff and keeping the product front and center in Baked’s campaign with Under Armour’s, "Homegrown Champion.” Aimed to make Trent Alexander-Arnold look statuesque to showcase Under Armour in a way that would make JD Sports consumers believe in the brand. The agency defined an iconic silhouette for Trent and combined it with a powerful campaign message, 'Homegrown Champion.' Capturing content with Trent in various environments, Baked highlighted his character traits through single images. Through in-store, the agency used a variety of pieces of powerful imagery at point-of-sale. Baked also developed a campaign extension for social media, featuring 'The Kid,' focusing on Trent’s journey as a homegrown talent -- from growing up playing football on the streets, to where he is today. Each scene is used to show the viewer a different attribute that fans believe is crucial to the makeup of a champion.

Why do you want to be a part of sAm?

The ad world needs a strong network of independent agencies. And Baked wants to be a part of the recipe.

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