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When a TV campaign is like everyone else's, it breaks Centriply’s heart a little bit. As the "search engine for TV audiences,” it knows Advanced TV is hard, otherwise everyone would do it. The agency is pushing linear TV into the future to make it walk and talk like digital with granular, targeted and impression-based buys that start with the same audience segments as digital campaigns and finish with TV attribution, extending reach all along the customer journey.

What is your Secret Sauce?

Centriply has the ability to transform traditional TV ads into advanced TV advertising solutions. It offers unparalleled location analysis capabilities from household to the national level, fast planning and buying across an enormous pool of TV inventory for greater impact, automated inventory selection based on the intersection of six critical databases and marketing metrics that can be applied across all screens.

What are you awesome at?

The company is best at the speed of proposal/planning response and creating complex multi-market plans that focus on impact in custom non-DMA areas that match business needs.

What's a recent success story?

A recent assignment with a $5.55M budget required Centriply to manage complete audience buying within 2 miles of 178 locations against a targeted audience prospect across 6,532 zip codes, 110 TV markets, 75 networks and 8 dayparts. Centriply leveraged its automated buying platform to identify and activate the campaign in under 3 hours from receiving approval which included 175,000 spots. The company delivered media value with singular speed and no additional team was required to deliver the results on time, which was demonstrative of the huge potential capacity for Centriply to repeatedly deliver on similar circumstances at much higher budget levels with added complexity.

Why do you want to be a part of sAm?

The company was drawn to SAM because it is a startup with history and it appreciates what it takes to be nimble, unique and impactful. Centriply disagrees with John Wannamaker, it knows what part of advertising works. And if it's Monday, they want to be there.

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