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Demonstrate is a strategic communications partner that believes brand actions build meaningful relationships to drive business growth. Demonstrate thrives with organizations that regard the agency as a trusted partner - an essential extension of its internal team.

What is your Secret Sauce?

Outsized Ideas. In today’s marketing and communications ecosystem, it is more vital than ever for brands to tell their stories in unconventional ways, and the Demonstrate team prides itself on breaking established industry rules and developing new strategies in service of client partners. The agency is at the epicenter of where earned media and traditional marketing intersect with influence and culture.

What are you awesome at?

Bespoke Strategies. Outsized Ideas. Impactful Storytelling.

What's a recent success story?

In 2019, Queer Eye host Karamo Brown and Honest Company alumni Pete & Irene came to Demonstrate with a personal care product for bald and balding men. Using an unmarked test tube containing a skincare formula designed for the balding man’s face and scalp, along with the idea: the men’s beauty industry could embrace the 1 in 5 Americans who struggle with hair loss. The opportunity addressed an underserved audience, and built a brand communications platform that leveraged the founders’ stories to drive critical dialogue. The result: MANTL. A direct-to-consumer line of simple, smart skincare products for the modern bald man, founded on the premise that bald and balding is a natural part of being a man. The creative communications framework invited bald and balding men to take up the mantle and dare to “Bare Your Greatness.” By launch, over 150 media placements were secured, spreading the message of empowerment, and opening the space for a more meaningful conversation around what it means to be bald or balding. The result: In the three months after launch, MANTL garnered 1.8B+ earned media impressions and 23.5M+ organic social media impressions.

Why do you want to be a part of sAm?

We believe in people, yours and ours — that what brands do, is more important than what they say. And that meaningful relationships are built through demonstrations.

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