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Faculty is a spatial storytelling agency that creates bespoke physical and digital experiences for brands. The company offers an adaptive, borderless model that features a senior level team of knowledge brokers, along with in-house production and a global network of women and minority-led agency partners to facilitate executions.

What is your Secret Sauce?

Faculty works at the intersection of strategy, storytelling, media, and technology to create IRL and URL experiences.

What are you awesome at?

Faculty team members are storytellers at heart, merging story with experience which is the true differentiator. Whether that story lives on digital, spatial, social, or experiential—the agency utilizes authentic narratives to turn consumers into loyalists.

What's a recent success story?

To truly know someone, to truly reach them and connect with them, it starts with a story—both in the telling and the listening. Faculty completed a project for a hospitality client that was a series of multimedia stage shows. The first destination that was Alaska and one of the talks focused on Alaskan Natives. Faculty gave a history lesson, but also told the story of a cultural genocide that most people didn’t know. After one of the shows, a couple approached the Faculty team and the husband had tears in his eyes. He said “thank you” and that he didn’t know about this essential part of U.S. history. Hearing this story told in this particular way changed how he saw Alaska and how he saw his country. At that moment Faculty realized that authentically told stories can change perspectives and turn guests into brand loyalists.

Why do you want to be a part of sAm?

As a small women-owned agency, this particular time has been especially challenging. The company strongly believes that small agencies working collaboratively can create a new agency ecosystem, and having a resource that highlights small independent shops is imperative to its continued success.

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