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Furtive Collective

Furtive Collective creates progressive solutions for future-forward brands. Its mission is to enable brands to become nimble through highly advanced consumer intelligence by understanding key market dynamics. The agency’s goal is to always achieve scalable business results and design end-to-end customer lifecycle experiences. Its work elevates marketplace differentiation, ignites communication efficiency, and maximizes marketing investments.

What is your Secret Sauce?

The agency uses a highly advanced NASA AI software to truly pin point proven opportunities in order to scale brands.

What are you awesome at?

Understanding how truth in data translates to business growth.

What's a recent success story?

Furtive Collective helped a cannabis holding company grow by 120% in less than 6 months by uncovering 3 new customer-centered opportunity areas that catapulted their business.

Why do you want to be a part of sAm?

Furtive Collective is passionate about creating more awareness for new kinds of agencies that are looking to have a direct impact on a client’s business today.

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