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Good Apple

Quick thinkers who provide honest recommendations. Good Apple is a group of nimble, creative problem solvers that operate as an extension of a client’s team, which means there is no task too large and no report too small - it finds a solution that fits a client’s exact needs (without any hidden fees). The agency always acts in the best interests of its clients, even if that requires suggestions for services that the agency does not provide or profit from. Good Apple is a trusted partner and friend no matter if you are a client, employee, or partner.

What is your Secret Sauce?

The Good Applesauce: Ingredients: 85 Fresh Good Apples 75 NYC Delicious 2 Chicago Crispin 8 Las Vegas Gala ¼ cup of masterful media negotiation skills A large pack of assorted canines Hundreds of gold quarters A sprinkle of brilliance Instructions: Combine collective 100+ years of experience, stir, and enjoy.

What are you awesome at?

Being flexible and pivoting quickly in order to follow the numbers. While the company does have a laundry list of best practices, it also is not afraid to throw away the rulebook and think outside the box. Everything Good Apple does is based on data and when the numbers start trending in a negative direction, it quickly digs in to figure out the cause and action on how to reverse that trend as soon as possible.

What's a recent success story?

Overcoming changes to the media landscape in the wake of COVID-19 to still have a successful new product launch of Treasury Wine Estates' 19 Crimes Cali Red collaboration with Snoop Dogg. The team created a surround-sound approach so potential brand loyalists would be exposed to the campaign throughout their day when they would be most receptive to the message/medium. In addition to the usual programmatic, search, and social campaigns, the team developed multi-media strategies inclusive of video, out of home, audio, and custom content executions. These combined efforts mixed with strategic targeting and sequential messaging across channels led to massive success on campaign projections - after just three weeks, case projections were already pacing to 54% of the twelve month goal! The campaign was a finalist for a Mediapost OMMA Award for Best Tentpole Campaign.

Why do you want to be a part of sAm?

Good Apple has always taken pride in being a small agency providing big agency results. It loves nothing more than to have a dedicated platform for its peers to showcase the incredible work they do.

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