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The agency is best described as a “unit.” Everything the company does comes down to its ability to work together to coherently create unique and culturally-relevant campaigns and experiential events. From strategy to client services to media and content production, ideas are constantly flowing between teams, using inspiration from everyone’s daily lives to enhance what the company collectively brings to the table. Through narrative-driven and future-focused storytelling, LIGHTBLUE builds long-term strategic partnerships that unite its partners with existing and emerging audiences with powerful experiences that resonate online.

What is your Secret Sauce?

The consultative and multi-disciplinary approach that connects strategy, creative, design and content to create a truly hybrid approach to live experience.

What are you awesome at?

Creating best-in-class executions through connected stories that build momentum and generate sustainable growth, taking experiential strategy into new realms of possibility.

What's a recent success story?

LIGHTBLUE brought Tom Ford’s Private Blend Experience to Dubai for the first time. This multi-sensory event, held to celebrate the regional reveal of the brand’s Fabulous fragrance, unfolded in a custom-built cube against the backdrop of the Burj Khalifa. The experience was attended by global and regional celebrities, who flew in to discover Tom Ford’s range of fragrances. The journey was brought to life across several rooms, which featured interactive installations highlighting Tom Ford’s Private Blend fragrances. Guests were taken in small groups to the different rooms, where they discovered the inspirations behind the scents. The entry room featured all-black walls, which were illuminated with some of the designer’s quotes, such as “Glamour is something more than what you wear on your body,” over the sound of his voice narrating the philosophy behind Fabulous. Guests were then ushered to a glass cube surrounded by screens for a never-seen-before visual and olfactive immersion where they discovered the fragrance in all its grandeur. With 750 guests in attendance and over 2,000 mentions and social media tags that reached a global audience, this was a major success story.

Why do you want to be a part of sAm?

SAM is the ideal way to showcase hidden talent from smaller agencies and shops across the world. LIGHTBLUE is excited to be involved as it's not only a way for the company to showcase its work, but also for the ability to explore and collaborate with new found talent.

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