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Malik Media

Malik Media doubles as an integrated creative partner to marketing teams and a trusted strategic advisor to its executive leadership. It is a creative agency – but smarter. The company is not McKinsey and also not Ogilvy, but you might compare it to their redheaded stepchild, if they were to have one. Organizations come to Malik Media in need of a partner that speaks the language of business and numbers just as fluently as they do colors and typeface – because in today’s world, bringing a vision to fruition requires an acute understanding of both.

What is your Secret Sauce?

The team has created a business where clients’ needs reign, and every part of operations reflects that truth. The company is run on a fully remote model (and has since before COVID-19) where the perks (not costs) of the company’s setup are passed on to clients — something clients don’t get from a traditional agency. Malik Media employs a radically different staffing model that puts clients' needs first and accommodates the diverse, highly-specialized projects that sales-driven B2B organizations demand. It traded a large team of creative generalists for an agile team of business strategists, creative producers, and ex big-agency PMs who know how to manage complex creative projects from concept to fruition. The team then handpicks the right part-time creative talent based on the specific demands of projects, and the ever-changing needs of a client’s B2B marketing and sales teams.

What are you awesome at?

Leveraging design to help partners land new deals, investment rounds, or major clients.

What's a recent success story?

A company favorite: getting asked by a startup to "do a quick cleanup of its pitch deck" three days before SXSW. The company was founded by brilliant food scientists that built a bio-sensing device to detect food pathogens rapidly, stopping the spread of waterborne pathogens early in the supply chain. They thought they needed design help. In actuality, their deck was loaded with science speak and technical terminology and would never land with the crowd of non-scientific investors and others in the crowd. After getting creative liberty and studying the website, Malik Media did a complete overhaul of the deck. Three days later, the company won second place at SXSW, leading to incredible exposure and access to dozens of new venture opportunities. Rev1 Ventures, the VC fund that invests in them, later reached out to Malik Media to sign a partnership to help its other portfolio companies. This was a $5,000 job. But the feeling of reward after? Priceless.

Why do you want to be a part of sAm?

Malik Media believes that small agencies are the future of the industry. They are honest, nimble, and insanely talented. They are humble, loyal, and committed to doing right by the client. They create for the impact, not for the logo they'll get to slap on their deck. And they embody servant leadership – the spirit of what it means to create for something so much bigger than themselves, devoid of ego. Malik Media believes small agencies are a return to what creative marketing once was, and should come to be again. And is sure as hell proud to be one.

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