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Founded in 1982 as a creative boutique, MBB spent its early days standing out by making it cool. When KPIs and ROIs began to matter even more, the company ramped up its strategic thinking – making everything smart. Today, the company operates at the intersection of cool AND smart, creating work that matters to the audience, employees and the bottom line.

What is your Secret Sauce?

Clients value the experience and capabilities of much larger agencies with the high touch and fair cost of a smaller shop. MBB wins business because the team is smart, approachable, and deeply engaged. It offers a higher level of attentiveness, and this is what allows excellent client service. Clients sign on from larger agencies looking for a partner more invested in their business. This is where MBB excels, and it’s these relationships that excites the team to get up and do the work it does each day.

What are you awesome at?

Since its inception, the company has focused its attention on healthcare and packaged goods. While the correlation between the two might not be obvious, at the end of the day the team’s job is to communicate a value proposition to a consumer that has a choice. With this approach the company is able to leverage consumer insights and develop campaigns that perform.

What's a recent success story?

Saving an $8 million retail contract along with an entire product line for Chinet is by far one of the company’s proudest achievements. Walmart represents roughly half of Chinet’s distribution for their Comfort Cup product. When Comfort Cup was at risk of being dropped from Walmart (essentially a death sentence for the product), MBB launched a campaign to drive Walmart sales that included an exclusive cup design for Sam’s Club. Not only did the campaign succeed in keeping Comfort Cup on the shelves at Walmart, the retailer also named Huhtamaki (Chinet’s parent company) their Manufacturing Partner of the Year.

Why do you want to be a part of sAm?

MBB is proud to be a small agency. It goes up against the big agencies and out punches its weight class every time. The team came from those shops, but we left the politics and cumbersome processes behind in order to get closer to the work – killer creative that gets results.

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