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Nemo Design

Nemo was born out of snowboarding, independent music, art and publishing. When the agency looked at all of those activities, they realized these are committed subcultures created by outsiders, and the common connection across them is a sense of purpose and energy. Today, as a multi-disciplinary design studio, Nemo helps brands understand and grow its audiences through strategy, messaging, content and design.

What is your Secret Sauce?

Nemo works with the best active, lifestyle, and culture brands in the world. It has created a unique agency vibe filled with team members that live and breathe its clients’ brand cultures.

What are you awesome at?

Bringing brands to life by creating amazing stories and experiences that connect with consumers where they live and play. The company builds communities by supporting, inspiring and co-creating with audiences. The team are experts in delivering powerful brand moments across physical spaces.

What's a recent success story?

In 2018, Nemo partnered with Alterra Mountain Company to create a new brand for a multi-destination ski pass. The challenge was to make the client stand out in a market dominated by a competitor with a 10-year head start. After careful research and data analysis, Nemo designed a brand to appeal to consumers’ shared values, highlighting the unique attributes of global destinations. It developed the brand name, identity and messaging systems, guidelines, seasonal marketing strategies, content and physical experiences. The result was a successful brand launch with growth in the Ikon Pass community year over year. Nemo continues to partner with Ikon Pass to bring fresh ideas, strategies and content to keep the community energized and stoked for each winter season.

Why do you want to be a part of sAm?

Through marketing, word of mouth and many years of great work and amazing client partnerships, Nemo has partnered with some of the world's best lifestyle brands and wants to continue to attract new clients, especially in a pandemic when budgets are tightened and marketing dollars are on lock down. Nemo loves being a small agency and enjoys all of the freedom that comes with running an independent shop, and looks forward to bringing thinking and creative expression to more brands looking for a unique and authentic point of view.

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