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OH Partners

OH Partners operates as an independent, full-service agency, providing creative services, strategic communications, social, PR and media buying to U.S. brands and organizations. The agency also offers consumer research, polling, focus groups and data analytics by using OH Predictive Insights. It additionally provides script-to-screen content creation and production through Matter Films and data solutions with OH IQ, which all individually fall under the OH Partners umbrella.

What is your Secret Sauce?

At OH, there is no C-Team — what you see is what you get, and that includes the highest level of creativity, strategy and innovation every time, no questions asked. As a result, OH has become an extension of its clients’ businesses, and the relationships that have formed are built on trust, passion and a desire to exceed goals and expectations. OH’s full-service capabilities mean that an idea can make its way from a creative to a production person and a media buyer with nothing lost in translation. This significantly increases the agency’s speed-to-market and cost-to-serve, which, in today’s market, is invaluable.

What are you awesome at?

One of OH’s greatest strengths lies in its ability to simultaneously dominate its local and regional market, serving as the agency-of-record for some of the largest contracts in Arizona and the Southwest, while also building its national profile. The last three years in particular have seen significant increases in new business development from national brands including Virgin Hotels, STP and Armor All, the United Nations, Bar-S Foods and more, all while driving strong organic growth. As a result, the agency has rapidly expanded its industry vertical expertise to include everything from hospitality, travel/tourism and gaming to consumer packaged goods, food and beverage, and healthcare.

What's a recent success story?

One of OH's recent grand slams was with the Arizona Lottery (AZL), which was deemed "essential" alongside other U.S. state lotteries early in the pandemic. AZL reported its FY20 to include more than $1.09B in sales — its highest ever — in the middle of a global pandemic. For Arizona, whose sky-high COVID-19 numbers and struggling economy have wreaked havoc on the state, the lottery has served as somewhat of a bright spot — particularly the $220M that was dispersed back into more than a dozen state agencies including the Arizona Department of Health Services, the Arizona Commerce Authority and the Arizona Department of Economic Security. A key reason for AZL's big year can be credited to the marketing pivots the organization made early in the pandemic that flipped the narrative of the lottery to focus on its extensive community give-back programs during a time when it was needed the most.

Why do you want to be a part of sAm?

Too often we see “agencies of the future” still utilizing old-school business tactics, outdated systems and obsolete offerings. As a small independent agency, OH Partners is able to offer great value for money at the speed of business, while constantly adapting to meet the needs of forward-thinking, fast moving brands, without the barriers of board approvals, stakeholder meetings or, frankly, traditionally-trained executives who just don’t understand how business has changed. (I think they should be careful not to come across as ageist). Without complicated webs of approvals or ego-filled hierarchies, OH is able to provide agile solutions that never sacrifice the quality of work, and wants to be part of an organization that supports the agile nature of small independent shops. The agency was built with flexibility and agility engrained in its DNA, which allows it to meet CMOs exactly where they are and adapt to their needs — whether it be project or outcome-based work, creative compensation structures or something entirely new, OH Partners can do it and do it well.

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