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USIM is the world’s fastest growing independent media agency offering best-in-class integrated solutions. The agency serves as consultants to guiding clients through the evolution of marketing and media through one or multiple capacities, such as strategy, research, analytics and media execution. In today’s automated media landscape, it hasn’t lost its human touch. USIM’s proprietary and third-party platforms provide access to customized and powerful data. But the most transformational growth opportunities are unlocked when it applies human insight and ingenuity to technology - a powerful intersection of art and science, both are critical to success.

What is your Secret Sauce?

USIM knows how to work with challenger brands and marketers taking on larger competitors through a smarter approach. This way of working is based on a comprehensive brief-building process leading to a strong, coherent media strategy that delivers on client marketing objectives and works with the creative strategy. It has invested in proprietary tools, such as PURVIEW™ and ATOM™, to mine insights that can be directly applied to plans, determining which media platforms not only deliver a message, but also help to make that message more relevant. It uses these resources to manage the ever-increasing complexity of consumer behavior, which ultimately increases effectiveness in our media planning and execution.

What are you awesome at?

The company has won many awards recently, but the one it is most proud of is MediaPost’s Independent Agency of the Year for 2019/2020. This is a highly competitive category with many great agencies across the country. USIM was bestowed this award for its “innovative approach to unlocking data and applying it in ways that give clients a competitive advantage.” This award demonstrates the company’s vision, innovation, and industry leadership and reaffirms that its investment of being an agency of the future is definitely paying off.

What's a recent success story?

As consumers shift to streaming, southern heritage brand supermarket chain Winn-Dixie, with the help of USIM, felt it was important to invest in ad-supported streaming. The team did this by adding OTT inventory to the media mix to engage consumers in local markets and drive action. A full-funnel approach was taken for OTT, by running ads on ad-supported streaming content and measuring actions on homepage visits, store locator, online shopping and coupon redemption. With creative focused on buy-one-get-one deals and check-out rewards, Winn-Dixie hoped to drive awareness of shopping offers, as well as bottom-of-funnel metrics to drive sales. The results speak for themselves. Exposed viewers were 56% more likely to visit the brand's home page, 76% more likely to view the store locator and 57% more likely to shop online.

Why do you want to be a part of sAm?

USIM supports the industry’s effort to raise awareness for small, independent agencies. As an independent agency, it understands that it is critical for smaller agencies to advance their businesses on behalf of the brands they service. One of the advantages to being an independent agency is the fact that USIM does not have debt, institutional capital or a holding company to report to, which allows it to reinvest into the team and operations while maintaining profitability. Moreover, it is able to retain and win new business in an ever-changing and highly complex business environment. USIM is excited to join forces with SAM and will continue to rally support for small, independent agencies during this uncertain time and beyond.

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