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Vladimir Jones

Colorado Springs, CO
In business for over 50 years, Vladimir Jones believes in the power of brilliant brands. In an industry where female leadership is underrepresented, the agency is proud to be women-owned and women-led with a gender-neutral pay policy since 1970.

What is your Secret Sauce?

The agency helps brands foster human connection with current and potential customers. Human connection doesn’t arise from a repeatable formula, it comes from keen insight into brands and the people it reaches through creativity that evokes brands’ tangible and intangible traits. And in close partnership with in-house digital and media experts, integrated teams work hard to ensure that the creative garners interest, activations and most importantly, human connections in an ever-changing media landscape.

What are you awesome at?

The agency provides impact analyses, strategy, creative, production and integrated media strategy, planning & buying with data analytics to support a collection of brilliant brands across a variety of verticals such as travel and tourism, retail, government and non-profit, energy & utilities and more. Its diverse portfolio speaks to strong, successful and long-term relationships typically lasting over 10 years. In the words of one of its clients, “VJ is not a retainer agency. VJ is another team member. We’re getting better, more efficient in working together every year.”

What's a recent success story?

In 2020, VJ had a blast supporting Sierra Nevada Brewing Company’s virtual Oktoberfest Haus Party. Launching the craft brewery’s seasonal beer through social media and its online community, the party featured recipes, live music, and even a map to help steer the “beer run.” And no matter where people lived, they could #ProstLikeAPro through light-hearted, polka-tracked social feeds from Chico to Pittsburgh with German tongue twisters, shower beers, beer bottles in hats, virtual prost, wiener dogs (in hats, of course!), endless pours and clinking boots.

Why do you want to be a part of sAm?

VJ believes that every brand needs a partner that isn’t determined by the number of employees or office square footage but through brand altruism, speed & agility and a perpetual willingness to help brands achieve greater results.

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